TO:      Missouri Envirothon Teams


Date:   April 26, 2018


Subject:  State Oral Presentation Problem




The“Western Rangeland Management” oral component will account for 16.6% of the total score for the 2018 event.  It is required that all teams participate in the oral component.


A reminder:  Oral presentation materials will be turned in at the Registration area and will be taken to the oral presentation area for the teams.


The 2018 Missouri Envirothon competition location, direections and oral presentation scenario will be posted on April 12, 2018.




Missouri Envirothon 2018


Western Rangeland Management: Balancing Diverse Views


·         Each team has ten (10) minutes to present their “solution” to the problem statement.

·         The judging panel has five (5) minutes to question the team on aspects of their presentation.

·         All team members must participate in the presentation and verbally deliver some portion of the disclosure.

·    Each team will be required to have a minimum of one or a maximum of two pieces of standard 22 x 28 inch poster board (no foam board or display board) for the visual aid. Photos, charts, text with graphics, pull-outs and/or layer-ups may be used as long as they are attached to the poster in some way, not an extra hand-out. Both sides of the poster board can be used; however the poster board cannot be connected into one big poster. If the visual aid is too large, it may not be used in the presentation.



Oral Judges Score Sheet

Coach Directions



Judges Note Sheet

Student Directions



State Competition Agenda

Photo Release/Consent Form –

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Hotel Information

State Registration Form





2018 Missouri Envirothon

Oral Presentation Question


Will be posted on Thursday, April 12, 2018.