Envirothon Resource Trunks (recommended materials 08/07)

"Envirothon Resource Trunks contain training materials for aquatics, soils, forestry and wildlife. This is not an all inclusive list of information that may be included on tests. Envirothon focuses on interpretation and interrelationships, not rote memorization."



Missouri Pond Life – poster (E002- MDC)

Missouri Stream Life – poster (E016-MDC)

Missouri’s Toads and Frogs - poster (EO12- MDC)

Missouri Toads & Frogs - pamphlet (E430- MDC)

Missouri Turtles – pamphlet (E468- MDC)

Groundwater: An Economic Resource Worth Protecting (BRO11-DNR)

Aquatic Ecosystem Student Guide (EOO137 MDC)

Aquatic Field & Classroom Activities Missouri Stream Team (on CD)

Missouri Springs – (PUB 656- DNR)

What is a Watershed? – (PA420 NRCS)

Watersheds Fact Sheet (Fact Sheet #2- MDC)

Fishing for Answers (EOO120 MDC)

An Introduction to Fishing (FIS152 MDC)

Water in Missouri (ED5-DNR) $3

Help Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers (FIS002-MDC)

Know Missouri’s Catfish (FIS003-MDC)

Understanding Streams (FIS192-MDC)

Fishes of Missouri (01-0031-MDC) $17.00

6" Bluegill replica (#FP-12155 Acorn Naturalist) $8.95

Largemouth Bass replica (#FP-12156 Acorn Naturalist) $11.95

Trout replica (#FP-9953 Acorn Naturalist) $13.95

Fieldmaster Student Secchi Disk (#77179 Forestry Suppliers) $26.50

Streamkeeper’s Field Guide $29.95

A Guide to Common Freshwater Invertebrates of North America ($23.07 @ Amazon.com)

Missouri’s Wetlands: A Vanishing Resource (WR-39 DNR) $15

Water Resource Sharing (WR -50 DNR) $22

Missouri’s Hidden Waters (BRO-8 DNR)

Small Stream Ecosystems – poster (E296 – MDC)

What’s In Your Water? (FIS273 MDC)

Why Watershed Conservation? (Fact Sheet #1 MDC)

Missouri Pond Handbook (FIS056 MDC)

Introduction to Missouri Fishes (FIS020 MDC)

Zebra Mussel’s (FIS013 MDC)



Anatomy of a White Oak Tree – poster (EO21- MDC)

Show Me Trees Poster (FO12-MDC)

Nature Scapes – Environmentally Sound Landscape Management (PUB611-DNR)

Oaks & Hickories (FO22-MDC)

Forest Management for Missouri Landowners (FO119-MDC)

Right Tree in Right Place (FO59-MDC)

TSI for Woodland Owners (FO35-MDC)

Watershed Protection Practices (FO50-MDC)

Fifty Common Trees of Missouri (FO88-MDC)

Trees of Missouri Field Guide(01-0201-MDC) $16.50

Key to Missouri Trees in Winter (MDC) $3.00

Tree and Log Scale Stick (#59770 Forestry Suppliers) $12.25

Measuring Trees Guide Sheet (on CD)

Rectangular Prism (#59026 Forestry Suppliers) $23.10

Leaf ID Kit (Acorn Naturalist #KIT-8297) $34.95

Curse of the Bush Honeysuckle (WOO001 MDC)

Hitchhiking Bugs (WOO004 MDC)

Threat of the Gypsy Moth (04/95 Conservationist Reprint)



Land & Water Management (MO NRCS)

Missouri Geology (POA-15 DNR) $24.95

In Partnership With People and a Healthy Land (PA1544 NRCS)

From the Ground Down – An Introduction to Soil Surveys (NRCS)

Soil Biology Primer (PA 1637 NRCS)

Understanding Soil Risks and Hazards (USDA NRCS)

Missouri General Soil Map & Soil Association Descriptions (NRCS)

3-5 Known Texture Samples from Soils Lab (Soils Lab)

Soil Survey (hard copy and CD)

FFA Soil Science Student Guide (on CD)

also available at http://soils.missouri.edu/data/studentguide.pdf

Conservation Choices

Chert, Fact Sheet (PUB 661- DNR)

Topographic Maps of Missouri (IC-15 DNR) $4.00

The Globe Soil Color Book (#77369 Forestry Suppliers) $40.00

Generalized Geologic Map of Missouri (FS-1 DNR)

Topography of Missouri (FS-5 DNR)

How to Teach with Topographic Maps (#36988 Forestry Suppliers) $14.95



Wildlife Ecostation Resource Materials (on CD)

Wildlife Management in Missouri (E117 MDC)

The Missouri Deer Game (EO49 MDC)

Life in a Fencerow – poster (EO84-MDC)

Animal Cards / Habitat Cards (EO77 & EO78 – MDC)

Missouri Animals of Conservation Concern (MDC)

Snakes of Missouri (E448-MDC)

Protecting Endangered Species in Missouri (SCI075-MDC)

Introduction to Missouri Furbearers (SCI138 MDC)

Wildlife Code of Missouri (W350-MDC)

Wildlife Management for Landowners (PLS182-MDC)

Birds in Missouri (01-0245-MDC) $30.00

Amphibians and Reptiles of Missouri (01-0190-MDC) $18.00

About Mammals and How they Live (MDC) $12.50

Turkey Track (#TR-3197 Acorn Naturalist) $6.95

Quail Track (#TR-4061 Acorn Naturalist) $3.95

Deer Track (#TR-3208 Acorn Naturalist) $9.95

Coyote Track (#TR-3214 Acorn Naturalist) $8.85

Beaver Track (#TR-3216 Acorn Naturalist) $8.95

Cottontail Track (#TR-3200 Acorn Naturalist) $6.95

Beaver Skull (#R-6233 Acorn Naturalist) $59.95

Raccoon Skull(#R-6232 Acorn Naturalist) $57.95

Whitetail doe skull (#R-7139 Acorn Naturalist) $109.95

Coyote skull (#R-6231 Acorn Naturalist) $58.95

Coyote pelt (XL SD – Groenewold Furs) $20.00

Opossum pelt (Med SD – Groenewold Furs) $5.00



Rich Grasslands for Missouri Landowners (PLS007-MDC)

The Terrestrial Natural Communities of Missouri (DNR) $7.50

Caves & Karst (SCI002-MDC)

Missouri’s Natural Communities: Forests (SCI049-MDC)

Missouri’s Natural Communities: Prairies (SCI048-MDC)

Glossary of Selected Terms of Conservation, Ecology, and Resource Use (EO45- MDC)

Ecological Approach to Conservation Education (E135- MDC)

Missouri – The Cave State (FS-15 DNR)

A Guide to Planning & Development of Outdoor Classrooms (E104 MDC)

Missouri Plants of Conservation Concern (MDC)



Magnifying Viewer (#T-15280 Acorn Naturalist) $8.95

Compass (#37064 Forestry Suppliers) $8.95

Missouri Conservationist (October 2005)

Missouri Resources (DNR quarterly)

Challenging Careers in NRCS (on CD)

MDC Conservation Education Materials Request Form (on CD)